Corremon Balaguer

Enjoy sharing tapas

> Our spicy potatoes
> Small beach squid cooked the Andalusian style
> Home made croquette tasting
> Deep fried prawns with romesco sauce ( 6 prawns )
> Dublin bay grilled prawn with garlic and piquillo peppers mayonnaise
> Broken eggs with Iberian shoulder ham 5B DO
> Broken eggs with foie, truffle oil and wild mushrooms ( death trumpets )
> Grilled vegetables
> Red tuna tartare from Ballfegó with lemon ice cream and basil
> Ecologic beef steak tartare with honey ice cream and mustard
> Grilled and seasoned prawns (10 prawns )
> Thin and crispy croquettes with extra large anchovies from Santoña and a vinaigrette of dry tomatoes and new oil
> Ecologic beef steak carpaccio with half cooked foie,truffle and tender lettuce
> Prawn carpaccio with basil, berries citrus fruits and pistachios
> Catalan snails cooked in a tin surface
> Barbecue grilled octopus  Galician style
> Grilled scallops with cava  (catalan champagne ) sauce, lobster coral and truffled pecorino cheese
> Artichoke caprice filled with half cooked foie, red tuna, mango and caramel from P.X.
> Beach squid black risotto with octopus red prawn and saffron garlic mayonnaise
> Wild mushroom risotto
> Truffle ravioli with wild mushroom sauce
> Pasta for celiac costumer
> Iberian shoulder cebo ham  5B
> Iberian  Gla ham pure breed DO Guijuelo sliced manually 100ge
> Tasting of our cheese selection
> Vegetable pizza from Mercat del Reng
> Ecologic beef steak pizza
> Farmyard chicken pizza
> Seafood pizza
> Iberian tataki with Tou de Til.lers cheese and caramelized onions
> Duck tataki with orange
> Mini piglet sandwiches with creamy roasted apple barbecued sweet chili
> Pa de vidre( a type of bread with a crispy crust and soft, honeycombed interior )

Our salads: enjoy a refreshing caprice

> Grilled aubergine, red pepper, tomato and onions with  anchovies from the Cantabric sea and romesco sauce
> Tomatoes, rucola, fresh mozzarella , Calamata olives and basil oil
> Salmon millefeuille with apple, onion, guacamole, prawns and honey and mustard sauce
> Foie salad, selection of different lettuce from this season, seasonal fruit, catalan beans, pistachios and a berry vinaigrette.

From the sea and the mountain

> Tin cooked scampi cooked barbecue style with sea salt petals
> Cod fillet cooked barbecue style with Xato sauce and basil oil
> Top of the catch fish Price depending on the market price
> Ecological beef fillet steak from the Pyrenees mountains cooked on stone 400 gr
> Ecological beef fillet steak from the Pyrenees mountains cooked on stone 700 gr
> Beef steak with foie, Oporto sauce and truffle
> Psychological beef hamburger from the Pyrenees with caramelized onion and egg yolk