Corremon Balaguer


> Crispy (bravas) potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce.
> Crispy potatoes with a typical Spanish garlic sauce.
> Fried homemade squid rings.
> Serrano ham homemade croquettes (6 u.).
> Chicken marinade wings.
> European squid Andalusian style.
> Pan-grilled or marinara style mussels.
> Scrambled eggs with black “esparracada” sausage.
> Scrambled eggs with Serrano ham.
> Scrambled eggs with fast-cure sausage ( “xistorra”).
> Scrambled eggs with pâté.
> Pan-grilled razor shell (12 un.).
> Salad of dried and salted cod (“Esqueixada”).
> Spanish pan-grilled prawns ( 10u.).
> Garlicky prawns.
> Taste of small sandwiches (6 u.).
> Foie gras mi-cuit (semi-cooked) with fig jam and toasts.
> Carpaccio of veal fillet steak with crumbs of parmesan cheese.
> Carpaccio of octopus.
> Carpaccio of prawns.
> Barbecued Galician style octopus.
> Iberian jam Reserve 5B. (cut by hand).
> Iberian blade 5B. with toasted bread.
> Assortment of Iberian cold meat with toasted bread.
> Assortment of cheese with toasted bread.
> Toast (“Espardenya”) with roasted vegetables, tuna and anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea.


> Fruits

(Seasonal fruits, walnuts, Brie cheese, mix of lettuces and strawberry vinegar)  

> Contrasts
(Goat cheese cooked au gratin, mix of lettuces, nuts, quince jelly and pear)

> Vegetables garden
(Lettuces, corn salad, rocket, heart of lettuces, green and black olives, tomatoes, onion, red pepper and asparagus) 

 > Farmer

(Mix of lettuces, crunchy bacon, chicken cubes, toasted bread, parmesan shavings and soft Caesar sauce)

 > “Xatonada”, Endive

(Cod wit tuna, anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea and endive)

> Exotic
(Lettuce, rice, kiwi, cured ham, natural pineapple, prawns, walnut and “rosa” sauce)

> Buffalo
(Lettuce, tomatoes, rocket, walnut, mozzarella of buffalo and basil oil)

> Cheeses
(Lettuce, Gouda cheese, Manchegan cheese, Emmental cheese, Roquefort cheese)

>Millefeuille of salmon
(Mix of lettuces, salmon, avocado, prawns, and mustard sauce)


> Spaguetti.
> Homemade cannelloni.
> Meat lasagne.
> Spinach lasagne.
> Ravioli with fungi.
> Lunette with pâté.
> Fiocchi of cheese and pear.
> Meat scallop with crab.
> Catalan sausage ravioli with rosemary honey.
> Trianguli of duck with pear.
> Panciotti with prawns.


SAUCES TO CHOOSE: (sauce Tastet, bologna, Roquefort, pesto, carbonara, of stumps, cheese, prawns or natural tomatoes)

Risotto and rices

> Risotto of mushrooms and prawns with parmesan cheese.
> Risotto  of Roquefort and walnuts.
> Black risotto with squid and prawns cooked in light batter.
> Risotto of champignon with pesto sauce and parmesan cheese.
> Mixed paella (minimum 2 pers.) cooked for 30 min.
> Shellfish paella (minimum 2 pers.) cooked for 30 min.
> Creamy rice with lobster (order) min. 2 pers.

Meat and fish

> Steak to taste with green pepper or Roquefort
> Fillet steak from the Pyrenees with garnish
> Beef fillet steak from the Pyrenees
> Lamb ribs.
> Kid lamb ribs coat in batter.
> Lamb blade in the oven.
> Magret of duck with blackberry sauce.
> Candied duck with onion, apple, fig and pine nut.
> Pork fillet steak with sauce Roquefort and walnuts.
> Loin with garnish.
> Native sausage barbecued.
> Ecological beef hamburger from the Pyrenees with garnish.
> Beef fillet scallop with pâté, reduction of P. Ximenes and jam.
> Skewer of beef fillet.
> Snails “a la llauna”.

> Turbot with potatoes.
> Hake with potatoes.
> Sole with almond cream or prawn cream.
> Barbecued prawns.
> Lobster “a la llauna”.
> Fillet of cod with rosemary honey, onion and apple with sugar coat.
> Fillet of cod with allioli gratin.
> Fillet of cod barbecued with “xato” sauce and oil.
> Grill of fish.
> Seafood platter (order) min. 2 pers.



> Sausage and vegetables
(cooked vegetables, sausage and olives)

> Salad of dried and salted cod (“Esqueixada”)
(cod, vegetables and black olives)

> Spicy
(spicy meat and onion)

> From the market
(natural tomatoes, onion, pepper, aubergine, tuna and black olives)

> Buffalo
(mozzarella of buffalo, rocket, natural tomatoes and oil)

> From the vegetable garden
(tomatoes, spinach, green and red pepper and onion)

> Loyola Tastet
(tomatoes, mix of pepper, beef fillet, onion and spicy sauce)

> Tropical
(ham, prawns and pineapple)

> Fungi
(tomatoes, mushrooms and ham)

> Tastet
(tomatoes, spinach, walnuts, bacon and goat cheese)

> Contrasts
(tomatoes, goat cheese, quince jelly, nuts and honey )


> Salmon amd prawns
> Four seasons(ham, mushrooms, prawns and anchovies)
> Bacon
> Maritime(mussels, prawns, crab, tuna and mushrooms)
> Marguerite (tomatoes, mozzarella, oregano and cheese)
> 4 cheeses(emmental cheese, Roquefort, Manchego and gouda)
> Roquefort with pineapple


> Calzone.
(mozzarella, spinach, raisin and pine nuts)

(mozzarella, tuna, pepper, green olives and gouda cheese)

>Roquefort and pineapple.
(mozzarella, ham, pineapple and Roquefort)

Hot toasts

> Tastet
(onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, ham, anchovies and cheese)

> Four seasons
(onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, ham, green olives and cheese)

> Tropical
(onion, tomatoes, pineapple, bacon and cheese)

> Prawns
(onion, tomatoes, egg, prawns and cheese)

> Roquefort
(onion, tomatoes, walnuts, pineapple, Roquefort and cheese)


> Light
(tuna, lettuce, mayonnaise, corn and egg)

> Tropical
(lettuce, ham, prawns, pineapple and mayonnaise)

> Fruits from the sea
(prawns, tuna, olives and “rosa” sauce )

> Pâté
( Pâté, quince jelly and mushroom sauce )

> Goat
(goat cheese, nuts and quince jelly )

> Salmon
(salmon and cheese )

> Majorcan sausage
(Majorcan sausage, Manchegan cheese, honey and walnuts )

> Meat
(beef, sauces and mix of lettuces )

> Spinaches
(spinaches, goat cheese and almond)

> Cheese
(gouda, Emmental, Roquefort, Manchegan )

>Vegetables garden
(spinaches, green pepper, red pepper, marrow, onion, tomatoes and raisins)  )

For the young ones

> Macaroni Bolognese.
> Spagueti Bolognese.
> Canellloni (2 units).
> Chicken Escalope with potatoes.
> Beef escalope with potatoes.
> Beef hamburger with potatoes.
> Chicken nuggets with potatoes.
> Pizza marguerite, ham or tuna.


> Thorn of fruits of the weather with hot chocolate.
>Natural pineapple
> Natural orange juice with vanilla ice cream
> Homemade Crème caramel made of egg
> Typical Catalan dessert called “Catalan cream” with natural fruit
> Coconut ice-cream with hot chocolate
> Tastet soup
> Idiazabal cheese with quince jelly from La Noguera
> Music
> Crepe of fruit and chocolate
> Crepe of banana and chocolate
> Crepe of chocolate with vanilla and almond
> Coulant of chocolate
> Irish Coffee
> Assortment of ice-creams SandroDesii
(suitable for celiac)

Wine and sangria

> Young wine D.O. Catalunya black/ white/ rosé.
> Drink of young wine.
> Drink of “Crianza” wine.
> Sangria of wine.
> Sangria of Cava.


> Segura Viudas Aria Brut.
> Jane Ventura Reserva.
> Parxet Brut Reserva.
> Sumarroca Brut Nature Gran Reserva.
> De Nit Raventós i Blanc.
> Gramona Imperial.

White wine

> Mustillant Gramona  (vi d’agulla)
> Cyatho Verdejo (D.O. Ribera del Duero )
> Okre (vi ecològic-D.O. Penedès)
> Viña Esmeralda (D.O. Penedès)
> Gran Viña Sol (D.O. Penedès)
> Martin Codax (D.O. Albariño )
> Perfum de vi blanc (D.O. Raventós i Blanc )
> Vi Sios Chardonay (D.O. Costers del Segre )
> Gesami de Gramona (D.O. Penedés )
> Cervoles “fermentat en barrica” (D.O. Costers del Segre )

Rosé wine

> OttoBestue (D.O. Somontano )
> Petjades (D.O. Penedès)
> Lambrusco rosat  (D.O. Italia )
> Vi SiosGarnacha  (D.O. Costers del Segre )

Black wine

> Conde de Caralt ½ (D.O. Catalunya)
> Gotim Bru Castell del Remei (D.O. Costers del Segre)
> Cune Criança  (D.O. Rioja )
> Lan Criança (D.O. Rioja)
> ViSiosSirah (D.O. Costers del Segre )
> Formiga de Vellut vi joveecològic (D.O. Priorat )
> Enate Criança (D.O. Somontano)
> Colors Cervoles (D.O.Costers Del Segre)
> Bernat Oller Crianza (D.O. Pla de Bagesecològic )
> ArnauOller (D.O.Pla de Bagesecològic )
> Pierola Reserva (D.O.Rioja)
> Pierola Vitium (D.O. Rioja )
> Alto Sió (D.O. Costers del Segre)
> Cérvoles (D.O. Costers del Segre)
> Pesquera (D.O Ribera del Duero)
> Lan a mano (D.O. Rioja )
> Estrats Cervoles (D.O. Costers del Segre)
> Vi 1780 Castell del Remei (D.O. Costers del Segre)